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What The Current Waves Tell Us...


In Unclear Waters

and 75% of students change their major at least once before

graduating college


Drifting Anchors

(and 61% of Gen-Zers) plan to leave their current job in the next 2 years

Companies & Recruiters

Need A Better Way

stay at job for less than 1 year

The # 1 reason Gen Z & Millennials leave their job is because they have no opportunities to learn and grow.

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The Wave of The Future

There's nothing new under the sun. Information on careers, from articles to videos, already exist. But, it's scattered, broad, and not readily accessible.

Observe acts as a window into the sea of job professionals and work cultures... allowing you to see your future work environment, company values, and job expectations sooner than later.

Understanding your future starts here

Students ask. Professionals answer.

  • Narrow down the search for career related information

  • Acquire the skills needed to fulfill job duties at companies

  • Discover the journey taken to become any profession

  • No more costly major changes

  • No more wasted time

  •  Learn directly from the experts and companies that inspire you


Learn from anyone, anywhere.

  • Gain career insight into job professions

  • Learn from professionals in their field

  • Ask professionals school, job, and life-related questions

  • Re-skill or skill-up with Observe


Share your expertise

  • Answer student questions

  • Personal branding (find and build your audience)

  • Expertise building (become an expert in your field)

  • Share your career perspective

  • Build a digital resume by sharing your career journey

  • Use your expertise to gain credibility and influence

  • Make an impact and teach our future workforce

  • Showcase your applied skills for recruiters

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Discover your dream job.

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the Exploration Map.

We've designed a haptic feedback orb that allows you to discover new professions that you never knew existed. The Exploration Orb maps your interest with a heat a map as time progresses.