In the beginning...

Entering college, we realized career uncertainty was a shared problem not only with us, but with our peers. From an overhead view of life as we know it, choosing a career is acted on by everyone. Our friends were running straight into unknown territory or they were already thinking about switching majors to “test” if another field could suit their interest better. What a costly guess and check system...

Then... we had a eureka moment!


To help students build clearer pictures of their futures.


Our Core Values

At Observe, we do our best to make information as transparent as possible. We believe knowledge should be openly shared and we make sure it's accessible. Our policy is to see everyone in their highest potential so that we can all become the best version of ourselves. 

Why Observe?

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you consider yourself "grown-up", let us rephrase the question. What do you truly want to do for a living if money wasn't the deciding factor?​

Students are currently blindly pursuing their careers with a highly costly guess and check system with minimal insight.

We simply got tired of seeing our friends lost during their career pursuit.

Even after our friends graduated... they still weren't relieved.

Some were. Most weren't. 

Some of our friends got a job and now dread going to work. (mid-life crisis & scouting)

Some of our friends scrapped their degrees to pursue something new. (what a waste)

Some of our friends are somewhere still lost in the sea of unknowns. (s.o.s)

Some of our friends acquired amazing jobs. (This is the scenario we want more of our friends to be in.)

Our goal is to reshape the way people think about their careers and to improve individuals' career journey allowing them to feel more fulfilled in life.

There exists a direct correlation between work and life fulfillment. 

We grow up learning to work and then we work to live.​

The happier you are at work... the happier you are overall in life.

Makes sense?

There seems to be a major problem. So we have made it our mission to empower the next generation of students with insight and a set of tools to build a clearer picture of their career future.

- The Observe Dream Team


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